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    I can't hear anything. Can't hear dialing - nothing. I called my landline and answered it just to play around to try to figure out what is going on - can't hear anything. I CAN choose loudspeaker and hear everything - but when I turn off loudspeaker there is nothing. I can phone my cell phone and it rings fine.

    I suspect I am just dumb and don't know all the functions of my phone. I suspect it somehow was turned to headset and so the sound it being diverted. But I don't know how to turn it off. I have looked through every menu - I have gone to the nokia web site - I have looked through the manual - I have called Rogers. I have googled - I can't find anything.

    A BIG reason I suspect the sound is being diverted to headset is because there is a headset icon right on my phone that was never there before. And when there is an active call (when I called my land line) it says headset down in the corner.

    How do I turn it off. It's probably just one little press of a button - but what button is it????

    It is driving me crazy - I can't even stop trying to find the answer to go do the dishes or put my kids to bed. I'm a little obsessive I think.

    Please help.

    Oh - it's a nokia 3220

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    Re: Can't hear anything - stuck in headset? - I think

    Have you perhaps tried restarting your phone?
    Failing that, take the battery out for half an hour and turn it back on.
    If that doesn't work, reset to factory settings.
    After that, if <12 months old, return to place of purchase, if >12 months,
    get reflashed by a repair shop.


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