This Nokia 6255 CDMA phone of mine is the very first Nokia phone I've ever used. It has a lot of
great features, but beware that some things aren't quite right. For instance alhough it comes with a
32meg Nokia MMC memory card. You can't upgrade to a bigger memory card unless its a Nokia MMC card.
Normal mainstream MMC cards are different. Computer card readers can't read Nokia MMC cards.
Also you can't get the phone to permanently store any specific ring tone for any caller with no
caller ID. Each time you turn the phone off this is reset to off. Nokia will tell you this is a
network problem. And your phone network will tell you its a Nokia problem.
The instruction book is just about useless because it doesn't show you all the different names it
gives for the phones keys. Far better you get online and use the Nokia interactive phone demos.
As for the PC suite software that came with the phone, it only has limited use.
Beware that the PC suite's Bluetooth part won't work unless you use one of just four specific
bluetooth stacks. I found the only way to transfer files between phone and computer is to use a
DKU-2 interface cable. When working from the computer to the phone reject the phone's desire to
connect, as you want the computer to be in control, not the phone. The book doesn't tell you this.
Then all you need do is to open two copies of Windows explorer. Far better you don't use the PC
suite software to transfer files.

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