I recently purchaced a Nokia 616 to work with my IPAQ 6340 for
handsfree - checked the bluetooth profile requirements and everything
checked out OK. I upgraded my IPAQ ROM to 1.11.10 ENG and turned on

The Noka 616 will pair succesfully with Nokia 6310 on remote sim mode
but i can not get a pairing with my ipaq 6340 on handsfree mode. The
616 simply says 'No Devices found' - but my ipaq is turned on right
next to it.

The ipaq bluetooth manager can see the Nokia 616 and allows a headset
pairing to be created for it; i've event turned off the security
encryption to test. But still the 616 says 'No Devices found' when
looking for a bluetooth partner.

Does anyone know about the bluetooth requirements and/or have any
experience in helping troubleshoot / diagnose this. Thanks, Steve

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