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    I hope someone can answer my questions, I just recently purchased a Nokia 6255i
    from alltell. So far, I love this phone. I ran into trouble with it when I
    purchased a bluetooth dongle (what a word) and installed the stack for this. I
    finally figured out that if you want to use bluetooth stuff from 3rd party
    software you will have to use a 'compatible stack' so I removed the supplied
    drivers and used the MS stack, which works fine for now.

    My questions are about SMS and MMS. Alltell lets you send free text messages to
    any of thier phones capable of receiving them. I had read that you can send MMS
    messages via text (since that is what they are anyway) and that you can split
    MMS messages up to get around the character limitations of the free sms
    services. Does anyone know if this is possible and exactly how do I do this?

    My second question plays off of the first, if I can't find an easy way to send
    MMS messages via the free SMS gateway that alltell provides I will just pay the
    fees and get the regular service. I can't seem to find a utility that will let
    you send a phone an MMS message from a PC though. Alltell only explains how to
    send MMS messages through another phone, not through the internet using a PC
    on the other end. Lets say I have some JPG snapshots from my camera, and I want
    to send those to my friends mobile, what utility do I use to convert my
    pictures to MMS and send them?
    Assuming I have no phone to send through.

    Third question; Most of the JAVA apps I can find say they work on a Ericson,
    but don't say anything about other Sybmian OS phones. Is it safe to assume that
    most apps that work on Ericson's will work on other Symbian OS phones? Also
    where and how can I find firmware upgrades for nokia phones? I see people
    posting about new firmware available, but no one ever leaves a link or website
    for more info. Whats the latest firmware for 6255i and how do I obtain it?
    Also, is it possible to flash a phone through a bluetooth connection or will I
    absolutely have to obtain the cable (DKU-2)?

    Fourth question; SMS and MMS gateways, once they are locked into the phone
    from the network provider is there a way to change them? Would it even matter
    if I could change them? Do the providers lock you into using only thier SMS and
    MMS gateways? Is there any software that can allow you to use the CDMA backbone
    for free or at least help avoid high charges sending and receiving email to and
    from the phone?

    The final question; Do any phones support bluetooth keyboards? If so, is there
    any JAVA software that allows you to have a realtime text chat through a phone?

    Thank you all for your answers and patience with me.

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    Re: Nokia 6255i - a few questions for the experts - =)

    You can find a free SMS Sender software that links up to a mobilephone
    here -

    Joshua Lim
    Visualtron Software

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    Re: Nokia 6255i - a few questions for the experts - =)

    [email protected] wrote:
    >You can find a free SMS Sender software that links up to a mobilephone
    >here -

    Thank you for your reply, but as I stated in my previos message, I would like
    to know how to send mms/sms messages to a phone without using another phone to
    do it.
    PC --> Phone ...

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