Ivor Jones Wrote:
> "Mike H" [email protected] wrote in message
> news:[email protected]
> "Sampem" wrote in message ...-
> i swapped the SIM card in my cell phone in order to
> change the service provider. On power on there was a
> dispay to enter security code: I was adviced to use
> 4444 or 1234 but wouldn't work. It would not even work
> when i tried to swap back to the other SIM card. Could
> somebody help me please?-
> The default is usually 5 digits long. Try 12345.
> Mike.-
> It never ceases to amaze me the sheer number of people that don't know
> what the various codes on their phones are set to, or even that they
> exist..! Doesn't anyone read the manuals any more..?!
> Ivor

Folks, I have tried the default code 12345 but would not work either.
Does this suggests that one bypass ones security code by just entering
the default code 12345? i guess the solution to my problem is not as
easy as we may think.



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