My Nokia 6260 has been behaving weirdly:
- Tried to redial, and phone quite frequently would NOT respond for up
to 30 seconds, before displaying a "App closed logs" error
- For some numbers that are in my "Contacts", when the phone ring with
the matched Caller ID, the person's corresponding contact name is not
showing up
- Tried to backup my phone content with Nokia Data Suite and IrDA, and
got a "App closed Svcs" followed by an error in Nokia Data Suite saying
connection has been terminated by phone.

Worst still, now, when I power up my phone
1) I get the blank screen with "Nokia" on it for 1 minute
2) Then I get a blank screen, no response!
3) the following does NOT help
3.1) Removing all SIM, memory card, battery, leave for 30 seconds
3.2) Start up phone with no memory card
3.3) Start up phone with no SIM Card
3.4) Start up phone with a different SIM card
4) Are there any way of savaging the contacts and messages in my
4.1) in the UK, the repair people refuses to do backup content before
software refresh
4.2) Would a DKU-2 data cable be of any help (now that my phone does
not seem to be starting up properly)
4.3) Could there be any "commands" that could be issued to the phone to
copy phone's contacts to SIM card?

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