Hi all,

I found a way to synchronize your Nokia 6600/6620 phone with Outlook
2003 used in an Exchange environment. Officially, Nokia will not
support this solution but I thought I would share it with you.

The problem: Nokia PC Suite (ver 6.6.18) is meant to synchronize with
..pst files (in either Outlook or Outlook Express). So if you use
Exchange you will not have a .pst and any appointment that is
Exchange-based will not show up in your phone.

The solution: You need to convert your appointments in vCalendar or
iCalendar format. Here is the step by step solution:

1- Go to your Calendar. Change the view to Active Appts (View, Arrange
By, Current View, Active Appointments)
2- Sort by Icon (first column on the left). Anything that looks like a
post-it with a thumb tack needs to be converted. Icons that look like
a calendar are OK.
3- Click on the Post-It icon. Go to File, Save As. Save the
appointment to your desktop and in iCalendar format. Save it in
vCalendar if it's a recursive appointment.
4- Go to your desktop and double click on the Appt icon. Click Save
and Close and you now have a "synchable" appointment.
5- You can choose to remove the initial appointement or leave it there.
6- Repeat step 3 to 5 until all your appointments are converted.

Remember to do this for your new items.

Good luck,


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