Sdictionary - multifunctional multiplatform dictionary viewer for Symbian OS Series 80/Series90/UIQ 2.1. English, g
erman and russian versions are now available.
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Sdictionary is the solid and mature mobile tool and the reliable assistant in the jungle of information.
Sdictionary brings you the following features:
Native support practically for any languages across the world, since all information stored in Unicode;
It's really language independent, it doesn't use any language-specific algorithms for searching, sorting and so on;

It displays mix of several languages and transcriptions in one article;
Offers free versions for most popular OS (Windows, Unix, EPOC ER5), using the same database format;
Open sources for Windows and Unix as well as open and well documented format of the databases;
Free database compiler helps to create your own dictionaries;
Excellent compression level for dictionary databases;
High search speed through hundred or thousands of words, even on slow devices;
Effective clipboard integration, simple copying article content to the buffer and getting translation of the word,
which was stored into the clipboard from another application;
Auto-opening articles after some inactivity delay;
Full-screen mode article view;
Tens of ready to use dictionaries, which are supported by independent developers, most of the bases are free of cha
Mature solid solution, continuous development of Sdictionary since 2001.
Thus, once you have paid reasonable small amount of money for your Sdictionary license, you discover practically un
limited opportunities to access extremely wide range of information! Since dictionary format is portable, you can u
se the same dictionaries everywhere!
Navigation across dictionary database by just typing first word characters and opening article automatically after
some inactivity delay are turning usage of mass dictionaries into trivial thing! It does not really matter if you o
pen small or large dictionary since navigation is equally fast. The fact is that Sdictionary was successfully teste
d with databases containing more than 1M (yes, million!) words in several languages!
With any dictionary you can select different formatting mode, for example suppress it to fit more information or us
e built-in AI formatter which helps you to browse articles nicely.
At any time you can quickly get very detailed information about loaded dictionary base, such as database name, the
author, version and amount of available articles (dictionary size or number of words).

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