Get High Def Movies in your home today. Movies are 1920 X 1080i, with Dolbly Digital 5.1 Sound.

First is getting the movies on DVD. The movies would be on 2-6 DVDs per movie. Since the file sizes are 12-22 gigs per movie. You can watch the movies from the DVD just fine. If you wanted to make one large movie file you can there is a program on my site that will allow you to do this. It is located on the software page at the bottom. I charge $20.00 per movie with a minimum order of 5 movies.

2nd is getting the movies on a hard drive. I order drives thru www.newegg.com you can choose any drive you like. They have 300 gig drives for about $130.00. I can fit about 20 movies on a 300 gig drive. I charge a flat rate of $200.00 to fill up any size drive with movies. I have a lot of people choose this option and they always come back for more.

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