I have recently got a Nokia 5140i and decided to purchase the Xpress-on
GPS cover. I have followed all the instructions to get it working but
every time I try to use the Travel Guide it just comes up with an error
saying that it cannot synchronise with the server.

I downloaded all the GPRS settings as instructed and can access WAP,
MMS and email ok.

I have made numerous phones calls to both Nokia support and Vodafone
but to no avail. Nokia claim that I need to manually enter the GPRS
details rather than using the automatic method. I contacted Vodafone
for instructions on how to enter the setting manually but they sent me
information on the 5140, not the 5140i !

I'm beginning to wonder if Nokia have actually tested the Xpress-on GPS
cover with a 5140i using Vodafone !

Has anyone else got the 5140i Xpress-On GPS travel guide working with
Vodafone ?


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