This is how I set my Nokia 6680 for Pager or SMS mode. This took a
little tweaking in Profiles to work just the way I wanted.

What I wanted was the phone not to ring for calls, only to sound for SMS
and Emails. I also required the Alarm and Calendar events to still sound.

Profile Settings:

Ringing tone, line 1 off *Off so voice calls don't ring
Ringing tone, line 2 off *Off so voice calls don't ring
Ringing type Ringing *Ringing so alert tones sound
Ringing Volume Loud
Message alert tone Message1.mid
E-mail alert tone Message5.mid
IM alert tone Message3.mid
Vibrating Alert Off
Keypad tones Level 2
Warning tones On
Alert for None *New contacts group that is empty
Profile name Pager

I am looking forward to KillerMobile's new release of AutoPilot so the
phone can reply to voice calls for me while in this profile. It is due
out in the next week or two.

The views I present are my own and NOT of any organisation I belong to.

73 de Simon, VK3XEM.

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