I have seen this question in the forum from 2003 but it wasn't answered
fully. I have a 6600.
I had switched my sms over to mmc card. now I want to download all my
sms messages. however, both s/w that I have downloaded and installed -
Oxygen and Mobtime - neither of them download SMS from MMC cards, only
from phone memory.

so how can I do this?
1) is these a s/w that will see and download my SMS msgs saved on MMC
2) Is these are way to copy or restore or somehow get these sms msgs
(saved in a folder) on to phone memory? It only asks if I want it
copied on the first switch. I have tried to trick it by deleting the
folder on the phone memory and then switching but that doesn't work.
3) can I restore my MMC messages file to my phone memory? I don't see
how to do that in PC suite.
4) any other idea?


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