A strategic initiative between Framework Labs, Paulo Custodio and Tiago
Coelho has spawned a unique open source Mac OS X application dubbed

Consola is a 'Bluetooth Proximity Media Server' application for Mac OS
X 'Tiger'.
It detects all bluetooth enabled devices in range and
sends them data such as text, images, animated Gif´s, audio, flash,
video, java,or vCards. You can administer the content you send, and
avoid spamming users with repetitive media, and may also schedule and
automate the entire process.

The purpose of Consola is to serve as a location based mobile media
server. It´s use is aimed at content providers in general, but anyone
is free to set it up and run it´s own local media server.
The Blacklist feature protects nearby peasants with Bluetooth-enabled
devices from being abused by repetitive content. If you reject a file,
you won´t be asked twice.

A series of specialized Plugins, soon available at www.consola.org,
will deliver remote tools which will enable operators to administer
multiple Consola´s via web, and also let users choose their content
online - then retrieve it locally. The creators of Consola are
searching for reliable online mobile content providers who wish to
stream their media through Consola.

Version 1.0 was launched on the 3rd December, and is now in a feedback
gathering status. The application requires Mac OS X 'Tiger' and
Bluetooth 1.0 to run, and is distributed freely via www.consola.org and
www.frameworklabs.de, along with the source code.

Consola is licensed under a BSD license. It was produced by Framework
Labs, Paulo Custódio and Tiago Borges Coelho. All media was created by
Paulo Custódio and Tiago Borges Coelho.

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