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    Dion L Heap
    I had a 6680 that turned out to be faulty with various problems so I've had
    it replaced with an N70. The thing is, I don't like the gallery, it puts
    videos and photos all in the same folder, well, it actually doesn't if you
    read the card in a card reader, but on the phone, when you select "gallery"
    everything's all there together. Don't suppose there's any way to separate
    them so that there's a folder for images and a folder for videos like other
    nokias is there?


    Dion L Heap

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    Re: N70 Niggle

    Have to agree, the Gallery is painfull to say the least. The best I have
    found so far is to use PhotoRite. It has a standard file browser layout
    which is very straight forward.

    All the best for the Season :-)

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    Re: N70 Niggle

    Try MobiMB- you can activate the hidden folders on the N70, and then
    add in folders from there e.g.:

    Activate the advanced options hidden area of the phone and add:


    The name of image you drag to the new folder must be changed to the ICC
    ID of the operator, with this syntax:
    XXX_YY_0.bmp (so, for example, for Vodafone Italy it will be
    222_10_0.bmp and for TIM it will be 222_1_0.bmp). Who is your operator?
    There is a list of codes at

    The image will also need to be in .bmp format.

    Then you get an operator logo.

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