My goal is to synchronize my 6680 with my Linux apps. The 6680 uses
SyncML for this, which requires IP connectivity.

Unfortunately, Nokia wants to please the providers, through whom it sells
most of its phones. And providers want you to go through their
oh-so-expensive 3G networks for anything Internet related. So Nokia has
artificially locked down its symbian phones to prevent anyone from
configuring it in order to access a local IP network over bluetooth (or
the data cable, for all I know).

Well, I sure don't want to go through Internet to synchronize my private
data. That's a big no no. All the more considering how much Orange charges
for data transfers.

The solution seems to lie in the tool called "gnubox", which works around
the problem by doing the config mods that Nokia doesn't want you to.
The problem is that I still haven't been successful in using it so far, as
the various how-to that I found are contradictory and chaotics.

So if anyone has succeeded in building IP conntectivity between a 6680
and Linux, well, it would be nice to share the experience...

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