I wrote a poker midlet, compiled in several configurations. The
emulator stores and retrieves statistics, and does other things nicely.

On the n-3155i, the Applications/mypoker/option/settings menu has two

1 Network Access - which I can enable/disAble at will -even though the
poker is solitaire and has no need to connect -the menu works.

2 Personal Info. mana... - which is disabled and stuck at Never Allow.

The poker game works on the phone, except the data is never stored.

I've seen no setting for this anywhere, and have toggled every setting
remotely related.
Anyone have any ideas?


Also, on several apps that I wrote, the first menu item is completely
missing - rearrange and recompile the menu items and the very first one
is missing. So could I be missing a system setting menu as well?


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