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    Re: Your Cell Phone Records Are For Sale

    "Richard" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]

    > Uh....
    >> "Sprint Nextel does not disclose CPNI outside Sprint Nextel or its
    >> authorized agents without customer consent except as required or allowed
    >> by law."

    > "....except as allowed by law" is pretty broad.
    > All this says is that Sprint/Nextel will not knowingly break the law.
    > As a privacy policy, it's meaningless.
    > So, is it a direct corollary of this assertion is that, with customer
    > consent, Sprint Nextel will disclose CPNI in violation of the law?

    Or...... maybe their policy is a direct reflection of the federal
    regualtions that formed it. CPNI is not a Sprint term- it is a regulatory
    term. CPNI disclosure (and the definition of proprietary information) is
    regulated by the government, not the company. And the "allowed by law" is
    pretty specifically *****ed out. There is little to no wiggle room in these

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    Re: Your Cell Phone Records Are For Sale

    I agree. Or how about having Paris Hilton's cellphone records or some other
    famous celeb's records get published out in cyberspace and see just how
    quickly it's fixed; one way or another. Unfortunately, nothing is "unlisted"
    or "unknown". It's all out there, if one knows where and how to look for it.
    For example, I just for the sake of an experiment I did a random search on
    just my first and last name in one of those people search type databases. It
    came back with records dating back to when I was a child, living at home
    with my family. And for the low price of $39.95 I could have my entire
    history: addresses, phone numbers, known associates, criminal background
    check (for an additional fee of course), credit history, ETC. It's
    frightening to think that even though there's all this online security to
    protect us when we shop online or pay a bill online or something of that
    nature, to think that no matter how safe we try to make ourselves or how
    safe we *think* we are it could happen to any one of us at any time.
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    Avon Independent Sales/E-Representative
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