Can anyone tell me how an Orange ex-contract 6600{unlocked}would differ from
a Sim-Free model,apart from the obvious logo on rear of case.
Would there be permanent issues within the firmware such as startup logos
and Orange branding running through the menu.I have seen screenshots of
similar phones and it seems that the whole menu system has an Orange colour
background running through it,is this just a simple theme that can be
deleted or
changed.Essentially can it be De-Branded with say 'fexplorer' or similar? I
have read that some of the later symbian phones from Nokia once branded
through Orange have led to people becoming very angry at losing features
that were supposedly part of the phone,the only way out was to have a
generic firmware flash from a friendly Nokia Service Centre.
Anybody running a contract Orange 6600 care to comment?
Thanks guys,

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