Very strange problem with my Nokia 3220.

I got the phone for Christmas, and phoned up Orange to transfer my
number to the new SIM Card. When I got the phone I copied my contacts
from my old SIM to the new phone.

A few weeks later, I take a photo with the camera, and the phone
switches itself off. When I switch it back on I get the usual Nokia
start up sound, and then a blue question mark in a yellow square.
There are no others menu buttons just this small question mark, and the
rest is a white background. After a few seconds the display shuts
down, then kicks back in again. It does this 3 times before finally
switching itself off.

I got the phone replaced at Dixons, and had to re-register a new Sim
Card with orange to transfer my number, yet again. Again, I went to
transfer my contacts from my Old Sim. I took the battery out put the
old Sim in, replaced the battery and copied the contacts across. When
I replaced my new sim card, there it is again - that question mark!

I can't see how two phones can have exactly the same problem, and I do
mean exactly, even the timing at which the display switches on and off,
before finally switching the phone off.

Could the phones possibly have come from a bad batch?

Also one last note, if I remove any SIM card from the phone and turn it
on. The display reads "Insert SIM card". Strangely enough there is no
display or power failure, it just reads "Insert SIM card" until I turn
it off.

This leads me to think the phone is SIM card related. Maybe I should
not try to transfer my contacts over, but I thought it was a pretty
standard operation. Also, maybe its something to do with the upgrade I
performed with Orange.

Finally, my old sim card works fine in my old phone. I am currently
using my new SIM card in my old phone, and it is working.

What could the problem possibly be? Please help, I know its a lot to

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