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    J Chilton
    Hi All

    If I Connect my 70 Through a internet connection
    as dun Bluetooth what should the speed of connection
    be 9600 or higher using win me op as I cant find any other drivers for win
    me & N70




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    Re: N70 & Internet connection

    OK, this probably won't help much but here you go. 9600 baud was the max
    speed for old GSM (basically the speed of a fax transmission). Check
    your DUN settings as you may find that it has set to 9600 by default.
    Just whack it up to 115200 and that will allow your connection to run
    at its max. If you're in a GPRS cell spee should be around the same as
    for as standard 56k modem (I think) but if you are within a UMTS cell
    and a fairly good signal then it should shoot up. No need for init
    string either, just dial up number set to *99# - all should be good!

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