* The Core Pocket Media Player (TCPMP) for S60 & UIQ is out!!! *

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Portable video is fast becoming the most popular secondary use of
mobile phones, so making sure you have the right media player is now a
priority for many Smartphones device owners.

The Core Pocket Media Player is an open-source, free video and audio
player compatible with all the most popular codec’s and multimedia file
types. The CoreCodec team are working on a Symbian port of their TCPMP
player, in fact their port to Symbian OS is now available for download
and testing.

The current version of TCPMP for Symbian OS (S60 and UIQ platform) is
the early alpha release. According to Dan Marlin, CEO CoreCodec, the
engine is fully functional bu.. ...

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TCPMP for Symbian OS is OUT! - full story; screens; download '

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