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    Hope someone can help with this:

    I recently bought a Nokia6230i - one of the reasons that attracted me
    was the voice recorder (I thought I could use it as a Dictaphone)

    I have downloaded the software that came with the phone and transferred
    the voice recording to the pc. The recording is played using the nokia
    browser which seems extremely basic without a fast forward.

    My question is can the voice recording be opened with a browser that
    allows a fast forward scanning ability as at the moment if you have
    30minute recording you have to start from the beginning and have no
    search facility - very irritating especially if the bit you want is
    near the end! Alternatively am I being completely thick and missing the
    browser fast forward button in the nokia browser!


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    Re: Playing back voice recordings on pc

    I've had a quick look at the Nokia Multimedia Player, and it appears as
    though fast forwarding is not possible. However, the .amr files will
    play in the free Real Player:

    Copy the file from your phone to your PC, then play with Real Player.
    This will enable you to fast forward/rewind the file.

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