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Question: Owners of N70!!!

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- Dissapointed with phone
- The bugs dont make a differenece and you'll still love it!

hi guyz i am havin two probles with my n70 need ur help on them
1) my media key button does not work ever since i diabled the standby
2) my camera shutter malfunctions in the sense iv i dun firmly hold the
shutter the camera switches off guess the cover is loos or somethin
could ull help me
3) also i need some wav tones not like the one on the forum already
searched them need new english tones.
4)there is so little software for the n70 i need a software tht will
password protects sms comin from 1 particular number. and i need a
software to hide certain folders. i tried goan it aint doin the job and
i tried smart guard but the files can be seen with the help of file
manager like feexplorer

Waitin 4 u replies thanx in advance

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