I'm new with NOKIA 3230

I used to have 3650 and i know every nokia fone has the total number
of messages indicated in : inbox, outbox, sent etc

When i open INBOX messages, there , i can see the list of the
messages. And when I read the 1st message, there should be 1/45 (if
let's say i have 45 messages in my inbox)

But i dont' see any 1/45 ? Are all nokia 3230 like that?

And with regards to Images
whenever i take picstures using the camera... the default name is
IMAGE, and every pic you took, the name would change to IMAGE (01),
ImAGE (02), Image (03) and so forth, even if i already deleted those
images... The name would continue on. so my next picture were named
IMAGE (04), why is that?

Does that mean that it'll increase the number until it reaches like
IMAGE (1000)? for i have 256Mb MMC

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