Hello everybody,
Anybody knows if it is possible to send faxes from a laptop connected
to a Nokia N70 using the built-in modem of N70?
I tried to send faxes using the built-in fax software of XP but without
any result. Then I got Winfax pro 10 but again, no chance to send faxes
with it. I played a lot with the settings but I got just same result,
no faxes sent out.
I can connect to the net using the N70 modem without any problem. So it
means the modem can dial ISP and transfer data to it. Therefore, I
thought it supposed to be able to send faxes too.
I also followed the steps written in the help file of Nokia PCsuite,
which is about sending faxes.
Please if you know ANYTHING about this issue or know which setting or
command line I have to use do not hesitate to reply to this thread as I
really need to get it to work as soon as possible.

I appreciate your help.

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