Does anyone use the nokia 6681 on the Virgin mobile network in the UK?

I recently purchased an n6681 sim free. I've been using this phone on the
virgin network.

It does work well enough for the most part, that is, it works as well as it
has done with the nokia n-gage and nokia 6600.

However, somtimes I experience network outage for no reason. The antenna
status will be empty and no network logo shows. All my family are on the
Virgin network, one using an old nokia model and two using siemens phones.

My network outage can last for about 2 odd hours. I phoned up virgin who've
said something about updating their system, or the system updates itself
every so often and I get booted from the network. I was advised to switch
off my phone and restart. This doesn't necessarilly work though!

I do get network coverage back eventually. However, when i do, I can't make
a call for the first 5 minutes as, it won't go through. Then, only after
that, I'm fine.

I just wondered if anyone has experienced this on the virgin network using
6681 or, any nokia smart phone?



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