I have owned both of these phone models, and on both phones the
softkeys (left and right shortcut keys) stopped working, or rather,
stopped doing what they were meant to!

When the left softkey is pressed, it performs the same function as the
menu button (i.e. opens or exits the menu) rather than doing it
contextual job (in any app), and the right softkey does absolutely
nothing when pressed, regardless of whether they are assigned as a
shortcut key, or have functions in the app.

At one stage they softkeys would work for snoozing or stopping the
clock alarm, and worked in a few other isolated programs, but it wasnt
working when i tried then. The phone lights up when the buttons are
pressed, as well as the fact the left button does work (for the wrong
reason) so i think it must be software rather than hardware

This has happened to both phones (the first one got hastily replaced
rather than fixed) however my current 6600 has been to the nokia
service centre twice and within a day of being returned the problem
resurfaced. It seems if the phone is left off for long enough the
problem goes away when initially turned back on, but returns in about 5

Hard/Soft resets did nothing, return to service centre did nothing, any
ideas? Thanks in advance, Drew

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