Hi there,

I have read that the N70 has a SyncML client function built into the
synchronize program. However, when trying to sync over the Internet with a
SyncML server (under my administrative control), I do not see any packets
coming in on the server from the phone's IP. Internet connection itself
works just fine when doing e.g. Web or Mail, the Firewall of the security
software that was delivered with the N70 is disabled (i.e. "open"). Server's
firewall was also opened for test purposes.

I have used both a URL of the SyncML server and its hostname or IP address
as server address in the sync options, but the behaviour did not change. No
packets come in on the server, and after some time, the sync client reports
a timeout.

Does the sync feature in general work for anyone? Or is it generally
unusable? Any idea what I am doing wrong? I suppose this should connect to
TCP port 80 by default, but there were no packets from that IP at all.

Thanks for any hints,
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