I am interested to know if I can access the web on my Nokia 6020 using
a normal dial-up internet service? I know the phone can be used as a
modem for a PC, but I would like to use dial-up access to browse the
web on the phone itself, as an alternative to GPRS packet data. I have
tried setting up a personal configuration setting with the following
access point:

Proxy: Disabled [default]
Data bearer: GSM data [instead of "Packet data"]
Bearer settings ->
Dialup number: <my ISP dialup number>
Authentication type: Normal
Data call type: Analogue
Data call speed: Automatic
User name: <my ISP user name>
Password: <my ISP password>
Display terminal window: tried Yes and No.

When I try to connect to the internet using these settings, the phone
appears to start making an outgoing call to my dialup number, but then
stops with the message "Response Unknown" after about 2 seconds.
However, if I dial the number manually, I can hear the modem at the
other end (this takes more than 2 seconds).

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