Problem of Nokia 6280

1. Limited File Format supported by Media Player of 6280 so that it
cannot stream some of media in PCCW's 3G Network.

2. Midi file cannot send thought MMS but the manual saying that it can
support SP-MIDI, AMR and monophonic ringtone. However, only AMR file
can send. It is no reason to fix MMS send out format. People should
have a right to send any kind of file below 300 KB which is supported
by network. I change the file name extension of midi file to amr
extension; then I can send it freely.

3. The tag of m4a and acc created from your PC suite (Transfer Music)
is not support Chinese. When I transfer the file into the phone, the
phone cannot recognize any Chinese Character. However, your Desktop
player seems can recognize the Chinese Tag. I have not test MP3 file
format yet because I employ other way to transfer MP3 file to the
phone. I use Microsoft Media Player 10 and Intervideo MP3 plug-in to
create MP3 file and import Chinese Tag Information from internet
without any problem. After I copy it to the phone, the phone can
recognize any king of Chinese Character in the tag. (Including
Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Extra Added Chinese
Character). Moreover, Apple's IPod handle Chinese Tag of ACC file
without any problem. So don't tell me ACC file and M4a not support
Chinese Tag.

4. The resolution of taken photo will decrease when I use the zoom
function of the camera. The resolution cannot fix at 2 mega pixel when
I zoom the target. Therefore, the pixel of the saved photo will become
19 k Pixel when I set the camera at maximum Zoom.

5. The phone cannot receive any file with file name in Chinese by using
Bluetooth transfer.

6. 6280 can play any mp4 song without change the Tag. After adding
Chinese tag to MP4 song by using your "transfer music", the mp4
file will not recognize by 6280 and cannot play again.

7. Changing Chinese Tag by using "transfer music" in English
Windows, Your 6280 can read it. However, Microsoft Media Player cannot
recognize the Tag after changed by your program.

8. To disconnect Bluetooth head phone when playing music in 6280, the
Music Player of 6280 will stop. The Head Set and Hand Set switching for
Bluetooth Head set is not the same as smooth as wired head set.

9. The staff of Nokia has poor technical knowledge to answer the
question in Hong Kong. Even they do not know very well of the phone in

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