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    Re: And it works!

    Hiya mate!

    Woo-hoo! Cool, it works!

    Not sure what your other 'connectivity' driver is, I've never come
    across that before! Try looking online for a suitable driver, in
    particular, try , they have drivers for pretty much
    everything (apart from my old Nisis camera, but that's another story).
    You'll need to register a username & password, but it's all FREE!

    As for installing the games, you'll need to install PCSuite to give
    your comuter an association with JAR files. It treats them as a kind of
    executable and unpacks them onto your phone via your cable connection.
    That way, you just download them, double-click the JAR file and away
    you go!

    Glad you're getting sorted.



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    Dick C

    Re: And it works!

    huntagratsna wrote in

    > Hello harleyglenn.
    > It works! This is what I did:
    > 1. Plugged the mini-USB cable (the USB end of it) into the computer. It
    > prompted me with the new hardware wizard. Said Install it
    > automatically. It found the USB cable driver. I didn't know you needed
    > a driver to use the cable though. The phone was not plugged in at this
    > point. So I've been wondering about that. The Oxygen guy keeps
    > mentioning chipsets but I am not quite sure what chipsets he is talking
    > about: phone or cable chipsets. Is there a chipset at the USB end of
    > the cable, is that why it is thicker? I didn't think cables had
    > chipsets. I didn't need to use the cd that came with the phone. I do
    > keep getting another add hardware wizard though everytime I startup. It
    > is a PCI connector according to the device manager. I try to search for
    > drivers on the cd but it doesn't find any. Any idea what this second
    > wizard is about?

    I do not know what kind of phone you have, but some brands use what is
    known as a smart usb cable. These cables contain chips in the end of them
    to do some of the work, this is what is known as the chipset.
    And these cables need special drivers, but the phone itself will not.
    On the other hand, the phones that do not use smart cables need the drivers
    for the phones.

    > 2. Anyway, installed the cable and then installed MobiMB. Hadn't
    > restarted the machine so the phone wasn't being detected. Tried it a
    > couple more times. No luck. Next day though, with the machine
    > restarted, the phone was detected and I used Logo Manager Pro Suite
    > demo to browse ringtones, wallpapapers, themes etc. The demo would only
    > let me drop one file at a time but what do I care.

    The proper way to install any USB device, phones included, is to install
    the software, connect the device when prompted, and often times reboot.
    Especially if you are using a smart cable.

    My phone only has
    > 3MB of memory anyway. One thing that I couldn't get to work was games.
    > I downloaded some torrent games and can't make them work. Each games
    > came as two files one of which was a .jar file. Dragged and dropped
    > them onto the games folder. They wouldn't show up on the phone though.
    > Any idea of how to make them work?

    Are they for your phone? Different phones have different requirements for
    the games.

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    And it works!

    Yep it worked. And I didn't have to install any COM port emulation
    drivers or fix any IRQs. Will install PC Suite and try to install some
    games and apps on it too.


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