anyone know how to connect nokia to toshiba bluetooth stack?
I can't!
I've got A100-192 with newest drivers and toshiba stack. Toshiba Stack
(TS) does discover my phone, i create a serial port connection, but
mRouter won't find any phone on it.
Then i try to do it in express mode - i've got some DUN connection, but
still, mRouter won't find any phone on that com port.
I've tried to find a phone using Bluetooth in mRouter but it can't find
any blueooth radio.

Is there any way?
Anyone know how to install Microsoft Stack? When i uninstall toshiba
stack and try to install blueooth monitor i get some 'no rfbus driver'
issues and though i've followed few explanations on this topic, i still
can't get it to install (though i've got a blue icon in tray mRouter
can't see any bluetooth radio).

Please, help me with this one.

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