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For Immediate Release

Headline: InterPhace - The free multiplayer mobile phone game.

InterPhace is a real-time multiplayer puzzle game, which relies on fast
reactions, logical thinking and good judgement. The first player to
hack the InterPhace before time limit expires wins the game and zaps
the other player.

InterPhace will allow you to play against any other players over
Bluetooth regardless of the mobile phone they're using and its simple
"one thumb" control means it takes only minutes to learn.

This version is free and can be downloaded from and then copied using Bluetooth onto a
phone. Alternatively, download it directly onto your handset using
wapsites; - or and type quickcode 5273

Remember, don't talk to strangers.
InterPhace with them.

InterPhace is available on the following phones.

Manufacturer Model No.
Nokia 3230 6260 6270* 6280*
6600 6630 6670 6680
6681 7610 8800* 8810*
N70* N90* N91*
Sony Ericsson D750* K600* K608* K750
W550* W600* W800 Z520*
Motorola A1000* V3x* E1070*
Samsung SGH-D720* SGH-D730*

- These models have yet to be confirmed as running but according to
their manufacture's specifications should run.


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