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    my local walmart had a bunch of these on clearance for $1-the newer
    phones are using a different portal style now. These on sale have the
    half inch wide connectors with the metal prongs. I bought 2 to try-one
    has 6 prongs and 3 prongs symetric spacing; one has 2 prongs and 2
    prongs narrowly and widely spaced. How do I tell which one fits the port
    at the botton of a cell phone? Will I see a corresponding set of holes
    or prongs on the cell phone? The model number was not in the list of
    model numbers on the packaging but I doubted they list them all anyway.

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    Re: hands-free headset

    if its one dollar

    then its probably not worth it

    if you want to mess around then go for it!

    if u want to invest in a better one you'll use in your lifestyle

    then id suggest a wired jabra or a bluetooth headset depending if your handset has bluetooth capability

    as for your compatibily issue

    look at the connecting prongs

    they should correspond with the headset jack on your phone

    whether its a 2.5mm jack or a mini-usb port

    it should say on the packaging! i doubt sumone will sell a product that has a totally blank box!

    if it is... post a pic! thatd be qutie bizarre
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