I recently upgraded my phone on Cingular to a Nokia 6061. I want to use
software to program this phone, and have ordered a data cable thru an
e-bay store.

I wrote to Nokia, and received a reply that there is no version of their
PC software suite that supports this phone. My main computer is a Mac,
but the current version of iSync does not support this model either.

Doe anyone know of any software (PC or Mac) which supports this phone?
I know that some software, such as GSM remote for Mac OS X, only
supports one phone number per contact, for some of my contacts I have
multiple numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.

The people at the Cingular store transferred the address book from my
previous phone (a Nokia 6340i), but unfortunately they only transferred
to the sim card, which means they only transferred one number per
contact, so Iąve been having to do the multiple numbers manually. What
a pain!

It would be great if there were software out there that can use the file
I created under Nokia PC Suite 4.5 for my previous phone, but now Iąde
settle for anything that lets me program the phone from the computer and
back up the data.

Thanks for your help.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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