Hi all,

We are currently developing a version of our PTvnc software for Symbian
60 devices (a VNC client that is compatible with UltraVNC style
server-scaling) - there are currently successful versions of our
software for Windows PocketPCs and Smartphones:


We need beta-testers for the Symbian 60 version which should be ready
for testing in the next few weeks.
Beta-testers who provide valid feedback will receive the release
version for free.

Anyone interested please contact us directly at:

[email protected]

Note that in addition to compatibility with UltraVNC style
server-scaling the Symbian version will also feature realtime
client-side scaling (smooth resampling not pixel resampling) so you can
either magnify for clarity or reduce to see a greater area of the
server display - client resampling will be anything from *4 to /4
rather than just *1, *2 or /2 as is the case with our current Windows

Thanks for reading
Dave (Parys Technografx)

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