Hi all.

I bought a second-hand 6820 on eBay last year. Great little machine,
despite the crappy camera and MIDP 1.0-only support.

I have 3 questions, that I've decided to combine in this thread.

1) I know the newest firmware for my phone is v5.90. I currently have
v5.29 (NHL-9).

Is there any way to a) download the new firmware anywhere, and b)
perform the upgrade myself ? I have a DKU-5 (USB) data cable.

I know I can go to a Nokia service centre, but I assume that service is
not free.
And they're usually reluctant to do it...

2) Some java-based applications crash with an "error", but don't say
what it is. As far as I know, there is no logging, so no way of
checking. It could simply be crappy programming, but a handful of them
crash for no apparent reason. So I'm thinking maybe the java engine is
to blame...

Is there a way to upgrade/reinstall the (ie. Sun's site has an ME
[Mobile Edition] that may be compatible, not sure), or is that
hard-coded in the firmware?

(hence my desire to upgrade it)

A few years ago, I had a Communicator 9210. And there was a hidden key
combination one could use (while Nokia logo was showing) to 'format'
the drive -- all basic applications remained, only the user data &
configs were erased.

Any such hidden functions (or Easter Eggs) for this phone?

Help for any/all the above would be greatly appreciated!

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