Minuet is a full HTML browser for all mobile devices, smartphones and
PDAs that support Java ME applications. This is the ONLY standalone
HTML browser for mobile phones (no middle-man server required!)

Key features include:

* Direct Web Site Connections - no middle-man servers, no
unwanted subscriptions, bottlenecks and security holes.
* Java-based Internet Security - robust server authentication and
data protection.
* Background Loading - read while loading other web pages.
* Web Caching - switch quickly between pages without reloading.
* Programmable Shortcuts - easy access to main control functions.
* Dynamic Memory Management - delete least recently viewed pages
for you when needed.
* Scrolling Bar - highlight and "click" items without a
* Image Resizing - view big images in their original sizes (with
scrolling) or fit them to the display automatically.
* Smart Image Screening - block out unnecessary images to save
time and traffic.
* Multi-language Support - view sites in all languages, and
controls and menus in English,Chinese Simplified and
Chinese Traditional (device dependent).

Check out full product details at http://www.triprince.com and take
advantage of additional discounts when buying directly from

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