When I move sms messages from my Nokia (6230i - but model should not matter
I think...) to a folder on my PC with WinXP, I can not view my messages and
get an overview !!!

When it resides in the "Nokia Phone Browser" folder, that is, still on the
phone, I can easily view both the from/to name alias, and the text itself,
and the date and time.
And when the cursor is "on" a message, I can view the full text and other
info to the left.

This is great, and how it should be yes.

BUT, when I move the messages to another folder on the PC - I miss this
overview totally !
Just numbered *.vmg files, with the date and time they were moved.
I can of course open the message with the Nokia Text Message Editor program
(comes with PC suite), just by clicking on the xxxx.vmg sms file, and view
the content and time here.

But if you got hundreds or thousands of messages maybe - this is not a good
way of browsing and finding important messages.

There MUST be another way of viewing the *.vmg messages fast ?
Maybe a third part Nokia sms fast browser/viewer ?
Should be a simple task for a programmer to make ?

With my old siemens mobile phone, I could easily view the messages "offline"
so to speak, in a folder on the PC.

But with the Nokia sms files, I dont know how to do this !

Please help, thank you.

Kindly, Peter Frank

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