I am trying to send an email with either a E70 or E60.

If I send using a mail server that do not require authentication, then
no problem everything is fine.

However when trying to send to a mail server that requires
authentication it fails.

At our office we have a sendmail server accepting either STARTTLS (on
port 25) or SSL (port 465).
When I select SSL, it just gives me "Sending failed"
with STARTTLS option, it keep asking for the username/password

The certificate used by our server is from geotrust which unfortunately
isn't in the list of root certificate on symbian device. So the Nokia
asks me if I want to continue with the invalid certificate. I say yes. I
don't know if this would make any difference as to why it doesn't connect.

What am I missing? do I need any special configuration on the sendmail


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