I don't know about you, or the people at Nokia, but I use contact
groups primarily for sending a single message to multiple recipients.

Create message (be it sms, mms, voice or e.mail), select which contact
group it is to go to, and it goes.

Simple, straight forward, intuitive.
In every phone I've ever had this is how it's worked.

So why does the Nokia 6233 demand I confirm which number I want to use
for each and every member of a contact group?

Why break something that was working fine?

I'm not an idiot, I've selected which number I want to be the default
for each contact in the address book, why can't it have a selectable
setting to automatically use the default number of each contact?


What precisely are contact groups supposed to be used for now? what
good are they?

Have I missed something obvious?
If not are Nokia intending to fix this in an imminent firmware upgrade?
Or should I go buy an SE k800i

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