I have my Outlook configured with Oracle Connector for Outlook which
works with Oracle's Collaboration Suite (Email and Calendar on IMAP).

I am trying to sync this with my Nokia 6610 using PC Suite 6.80.22

I have selected the direction from Outlook to Phone only and done the
other settings right. The connection is through InfraRed.

The problem I am facing is that PC Sync (which I have setup to run
everytime I connect the phone) does not put all the entries on my
Outlook calendar on the phone calendar. It puts some of them and
ignores some. It usually puts only the meeting requests I have received
and accepted, but not the ones I have sent or just created for myself.

Does anyone have any experience with using this niche combination of
applications? If so, please let me know how to get PC sync to send all
entries to my phone.

Oracle has a desktop client for Calendar but that does not show up in
the list of supported applications. I'm not sure if Mozilla Thunderbird
has a calendar and if that would be supported..

If there is another 3rd party Sync application that is freely
downloadable, that's fine too.

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