I have a 6103 phone that refuses to power up. Also, when I hook the charger
up, nothing seems to happen (dont get the normal charging bars).

I took the battery out and put it in another nokia phone. The phone powered
on, but had no battery bars, and shut off a few moments later. I thought,
great, its just a dead battery. I left the battery in the alternate phone
overnight and let it charge up in that phone. Now its showing full battery
bars on the alternate phone. I put the battery back in the 6103 and it
still won't power up. I also tried the original battery from the alternate
phone in the 6103 and still won't power up.

The owner of the phone says he has to charge the battery every night. If he
doesn't, he says it will not last a second day. About once a month or so,
he forgets to charge it and the battery completely dies. I know every time
this has happened because he forgets how to turn the phone back on and calls
me for help. This has happened 3 or 4 times now since he got the phone.

I really don't think he's putting that many minutes on the phone (I've seen
the bills), so this does seem to be a very short battery life for this
phone. I don't have any way to verify he is really charging the phone every
night. He doesn't do WAP or anything else that would drain the battery.

Anyone have any ideas on any of these issues?

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