hello all,

I currently have an old nokia 6200, and I'd like to upgrade to
something that can actually run apps and get on the internet. I'm
currently trying to decide between an n80 and e70, and I'd love some

Aside from the vast differences in price (the n80 is more expensive)
and the obvious differences in form factor (e70's full keyboard), does
anyone have any interesting insights on differences in software, bands
supported, voice quality, feel of the form factors, etc?

Here are some of the differences I don't know much about, gleaned from
the nokia comparison page:


* the n80 supports more bands, namely 900 mhz and WCDMA 2100 mhz. What
does this actually mean? My understanding is that GSM in the US uses
850 mhz. Does this mean that the e-series phones won't work as
well in Europe?
* the nokia n80 runs on the nokia OS, while the other uses Symbian.
Any insights on this?
* the n80 doesn't support XHTML/WML. I'm not sure what this means
either, as it definitely has web browsing capability. Does this mean
it would have trouble with a javascript-heavy page like gmail in a
browswer? Or does it mean I just need to install Opera?

I'm also curious about the differences in included software between the
e-series and n-series, what does having an e-series really get you?
Does anyone actually use all the email service stuff Nokia claims to
provide, or do you just install gmail for mobile? Does anyone know if
you can view attachments on an n80 like you can on an

The n80's form factor appeals to me most but it seems like the e70 has
better features (and is a lot cheaper).

also, if there's some other phone that is like these two but better,
please let me know I don't know much about non-nokias.


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