i downloaded .sis and .jar programs from handango for my nokia 6600. i
copied them onto my memory card from my PC, and put the files in the
root directory on the memory card. then i put the card in the nokia
6600 and tried installing the software. the .jar files worked fine, no

the .sis files will not install. the install option comes up and i
select it, but the .sis files won't install. i tried bluetooth and
sent the files to my phone. the .jar ones worked perfectly, but the
..sis files did nothing. after that i tried moving the .sis files into
my 'installed files' folder on the phone memory, then the programs
showed up in the 'application manager', but not in the phone menu. i
could look at the details and what version they were, but they still
weren't installed.

the programs i am trying to install are the alon mp3 player and the
phillips camcorder pro downloaded from handango, in case that makes any

also i do not use the nokia pc suite as i have not been able to make it
work with xp sp2, plus afterwards i heard it was near impossible to

any advice?

thanks in advance,

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