Hi guys, I got a Nokia 6131 and I have a few problems with regards
trying to get it to check my POP3 emails.

I use T-Mobile Pay As You Go in the UK.

Firstly when I select the email application it comes up with a message
saying "Import active email account settings for Yahoo from phone
setup?" I can either select yes or no, I always select no as I had the
phone setup to check my gmail account. Is there anyway that I can make
it stop saying this?

So, when I goto check my gmail account I get an error which reads:
"javax.microedition.pki.CertificateException: Certificate was issued
by an unrecognized entity." I can only choose to see more of the
message or to dismiss it, when I choose dismiss it brings me back to my
email box and none of my new messages have downloaded.

My settings for gmail are as follows:

Incoming mail settings -

Server type: POP

Servername: pop.gmail.com

Your username for incoming mail server: ******@gmail.com

Password: password here

Outgoing server: smtp.gmail.com

Your username and password for the outgoing mail server: Same as

Advanced Receiving:

Secure login: Automatic

Sec, Connection: SSL - Box is checked.

Server Port Number 995.

I really only want to check emails on my phone, not send them. From
looking at my settings, do you think there's a problem anywhere?



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