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    I'm starting to work on deciphering my t9 dictionary file. It's look
    more and more futile everytime i get back into it. Has anyone done any
    research into this, as my cursory glance has turned up it looks fairly
    simplistic with some random encoding in some of the fields

    Each word is stored with a null between the letters and starts with the
    following codes "A0,00,length of word,seemingly random byte", eg

    in the beggining of the file there's several null terminated fields,
    1 of which is the number of words in the dictionary, the another 2 i
    can't figure out as they change also, and the last one seems to stay
    the same between editing.

    if anyone wants a look at the files so far, just ask me.
    oh and for those who haven't played with theirs, the file is in the
    c:\system\data folder, and is generally called "PTIT9UDB0f.DAT"


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    Ade Evans

    Re: Nokia t9 Dictionary

    One a similar note, is there any way of deleting words I've added?

    For some reason when I want to write the word YOU the dictionary seems to
    think YOT is the word I'm after!

    I don't mind having to reinstall all my swear words again so deleting my
    personal dictionary words wouldn't be too much of a problem!

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    Re: Nokia t9 Dictionary

    factory reset not work ?

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    Ade Evans

    Re: Nokia t9 Dictionary

    I'm not THAT keen to get rid of YOT instead of YOU! Its annoying but not
    THAT annoying! Mind you I suppose I COULD do a FULL backup, factory reset
    and then a restore. Maybe that'd work. Just thought there might be a wee
    file I could delete with all my additions in it? Any ideas?

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