Does anyone have software that can send old operator logo files to the
Series 40 3rd Edition phones like Nokia 6126/6131/6133 via SMS or BT? I
have an old T-Mobile operator logo file (OTB format, see attachment, can be
opened with Nokia Multimedia Player) that I created and sent via SMS to
myself using Nokia PC Suite version 4.8 and a Nokia 6310i. I later sent it
to a Nokia 6230 and it worked fine on that phone. The new versions of Nokia
PC Suite don't have any operator logo functionality, but I would like to
find a way and get that logo on my unbranded Nokia 6133 now. I'm not really
interested in a large, color logo; I want a small b/w one that can fit where
the operator name is normally displayed, so this old one should be fine.
Does anyone know of an easy way to do this? TIA


\/ L /\ D

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