I'm hoping someone can help me with a very annoying problem.

I'm trying to get all my contact information imported into outlook
2003. After significant effort and manual editing to get contacts from
Mozilla Thunderbird and my Palm Desktop records imported, I have one
last step to complete, synching the info from my Nokia E61.

Here are the challenges:
1. While connected via USB and browsing the Contacts in the phone via
my laptop, the contacts are stored in VCF format. However, not all the
contact details are stored in the VCF file.

For example: I have one contact named John Doe. On my phone, I can
drill down to his contact record and see his telephone number. But
when I look at the record on the computer, there is no telephone

WTF?!?!?!? After synching, this guy is in Outlook, but only his name
is migrated. No phone number. This has happened to many other
contacts, but not all.

2. Synchronizing produces duplicates in both Outlook and my phone. I
have to manually go back and re-edit everything. I'd keep everything
in Outlook, but because of problem #1, I can't trust the data the phone
placed in Outlook. Now, I have to wade through 100s of contacts and
check for data errors!!

Can anyone think of a quick and easy way to:
A) Export all contacts from the phone to perhaps a csv file or
something similar? (I'd use the VCF files, but as you can see, they
don't seem to have the correct mapping)

B) Be able to confirm duplicates during the import process? The
existing solution is quite limited.

I'm using:
Nokia's PC Suite v.6.82.22
Outlook 2003
Win XP SP2

Here are my synchronization settings in PC Suite:
o Synchronizing only contact items
o Using Outlook profile
o Synchronization is not automatic
o Conflict resolution: Info taken from Outlook when fields change
o Update done in both directions
o Synch Profile: no user name or password specified

Any help greatly appreciated

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