I got a TV card for my laptop and have started converting my VHS
collection to DVD.
The nifty ULead mobile tools program allowed conversion to .3gp & I've
converted a movie to see if is was watchable on the phone. I upped the
frame rate to 25 fps (PAL VHS source) & set the res 176x144 result was
215Mb which is fine for my 1GB card.
The result was quite 'crawly' eg. patterns on the wall moved with a
camera pan, I guess this is just the brutal video compression at work.
I'm wondering how to get the best picture, is it worth using 320x200
resolution? I'm guessing that the width of the screen (Portrait) is
200 pixels, minus 2 pixels at for the left & right borders gives the
176 number. Twice 144 is 288 pretty close to that 300 number so
perhaps 'Full Screen' mode would allow good viewing of a 320x200 res
Would upping the 'Bit rate' do much to remove the compression
artifacts, or is that unavoidable given that ITS JUST A PHONE and its
video is designed for low bit rate 3G bandwidth.

Jeremy Thomson

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